Loomis Warriors U16

(2002 birth year)


Robert Robinson (Head Coach)
Jennifer Costello (Asst. Coach)
Lauren Young (Trainer)

(Player, Coach, Trainer, Parent)

1.  Relationships First
Team is unique because of bonding amongst players, coaches and families. Much more than "teamwork"

2.  CommitmentIndividual responsibility
Each person is focused on their own continuous improvementDevelopment of skills, knowledge and understanding of the game, fitness, and teamCommitment to the good of the Team Each person works harder and puts in more effort than every other member of the team

3.  Honesty
Strive to be model representatives of the Club and of the Team

4.  Work Hard, Play Hard = Fun!

5.  Leave your ego at the door
There is no "I" in THIS Team. Everyone associated with the team is expected to put the best interest of the team first.No individual, coach, trainer, or player is more important than the team. 


Develop player relationships with emphasis on quickly engaging players/familiesDedicated focus on decision making and tactical aspects of the game (analytical & strategic thinking), theory training and education with emphasis on viewing professional gamesImplementing international professional style of play - attacking and defensive shape that incorporates low pressure to high pressure depending on opponents and game environment - attacking soccer with combination plays, fast counterattack, and live and dead ball set playsBuilding a foundation of desire for fitness and advanced tactical understanding of the game that feeds an unquenchable passion for soccer, enabling the path to a successful college/life experience.


The Loomis YSC Warriors is a dedicated year-round team that will play approximately 50 games in the 2017/2018 season, including NorCal Premier fall leagues, tournaments, and formal scrimmages. We plan to play in a minimum or three Tournaments one local and two away or special tournament (if it benefits team).  We will practice 2-3 times per week with a planned yearly schedule including vacation breaks. Our home field is the Del Oro High School Stadium turf field.Our focus is on individual and team development.  Specifically, our goal is to create a competitive team in a fun and learning environment with emphasis on achieving individual and team goals.  Practice time will be devoted to both technical development (technical skills) and strategic or tactical aspects of the game.  Practice time is dedicated to learning and instruction while game time is focused on the girls playing and demonstrating their own decision making.  Each player will have individual development plans that will come together for overall team improvement. We will continue to use “home challenges” to encourage additional development outside of scheduled practice.The Loomis YSC Warriors family puts team and family bonding at the core of our program. Teams that bond and work towards common goals can achieve so much more than teams focused on individuals. Throughout the season, there will be a number of scheduled and impromptu team and family activities to bring us closer as a unit (including team snow days, swim parties, movie nights, William Jessup College Nights & Sacramento Republic events, summer camps, etc).


Individual development plans for each player with formal player evaluations twice annually

Potential Leagues & Tournaments:
NorCal leagues and Futsal Leagues
NorCal State Cup, Davis Spring and Summer, San Juan Cal Cup, Pleasanton Rage, Mustang Stampede, Breakers Cup, Surf Cup, US Club Regional, and optional 2 winter tournaments
Home Field & Practice location:Del Oro High School Stadium turf
Secondary locations:  Franklin turf and private bermuda grass field
Practice frequency is ~3 times per week 


Cost for the year is about $750 per player..fall/spring league, uniform ($150), registration fees ($130), and tournament fees (400 coupled with sponsorships and fundraisers).

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