Comp Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost per player for LYSC Competitive soccer?

A. Individual team costs will vary but LYSC’s goal is to provide the children from the region an opportunity to play affordable competitive soccer.  To this end, fundraising is a major part of the efforts we take to make our competitive soccer program affordable.  It’s a significant reason for our programs overall fees being significantly lower than other clubs.  Because our costs are so low, we do not the charge monthly fee that is unfortunately becoming a standard for many soccer clubs.

For a summation of team costs, please look at each team profile.  The LYSC families will participate in a highly competitive program at a fraction of what many competitive programs cost.

Q. Do you have paid coaches?

A. No, LYSC does not have paid coaches. Our success is built upon the untiring efforts of numerous volunteers at every level of the Loomis Youth Soccer Club.  Our coaches are not only licensed and experienced coaches, but they have the passion and love for the game to want to volunteer their time to help the kids in our community.  As our town sign says “A small town is like a large family” and our coaches and LYSC volunteers live it every day.

Q. How do I prepare my player to move up to competitive soccer?

A. Consider getting additional training sessions with Vision Soccer Training or participating in a Futsal League. Feel free to contact any of our comp coaches. They will be happy to let your player attend a comp training session to see if they are ready.

Q. How do you ensure the players are learning the proper soccer skills with volunteer coaches?

A. Loomis Youth Soccer Club’s uses highly competitive coaches and trainers to facilitate a successful program at every age group within the competitive program.  In addition, LYSC has partnered with Vision Soccer to provide addition training at the highest level.  Many of the Vision Trainers have coached, trained, or done both with most of the major soccer clubs in the region. 

Vision’s skills specific training along with LYSC’s coaches bettering themselves with continuing coaching education, will provide an environment for your kids to become highly skilled soccer players.

Q. Why should my child come to LYSC?

A. Loomis Youth Soccer Club’s community/family oriented approach provides children with the opportunity to learn in an environment with highly competitive coaches and trainers.  They will become highly skilled soccer players, while learning life lessons as they grow with in the Loomis Community and Soccer Club.

Q. What fields do you use for practice?

A. LYSC uses a variety of fields for practices all within the Loomis community.  Franklin Field (turf), Del Oro High School (Turf), Loomis Park (grass) and H. Clarke Powers (grass).

Q. How much travel should I expect for games and tournaments?

A. Travel will be based on the coaches, the success of the team, and parent input. We are fortunate to live in a region with multiple opportunities to find high level competition. Most teams travel inside the Sacramento region for league play.

Q. What is the difference between LYSC & other Competitive clubs/teams?

A. Our goal is to continue to improve the player’s skill and passion for the game.  There are some LYSC teams that have year-round programs and perform higher than teams in the large clubs.  There are also some LYSC teams that simply provide an extended season of play, enhanced player development, and higher level of competition than recreation teams.  We encourage you to do your research as you will find many clubs spend more on marketing than on actually developing your player to be their best. LYSC focuses on a positive balanced experience. Come meet our coaches and players and then decide.

Q. Do I have to attend all tryout dates?

A. The kids need to attend at least one tryout to make the team.  The preferred number is two tryouts so the kids can be fully assessed.

Q. My child has tryouts for multiple clubs.  When will I know if they are selected for a LYSC team?

A. In most cases the coaches will speak in person or on the phone to the kids and parents after the first or second tryout date.

Have an additional question? Please feel free to contact us.