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Loomis Soccer Club Competitive Soccer Program

Since 1994 Our Division 1 (Comp) program starts at U9 to the U19 age group has provided a way for our youth to play soccer at the competitive level.

Loomis YSC is affiliated with US Club and CYSA. This allows our teams to play in both Cal North (CCSL Metro league) and NorCal Premier League with events like NorCal State Cup. This provides a competitive venue for each team based on level of talent and either year-round or seasonal team commitments. As a small town with relationship first perspective, Loomis YSC is getting visibility as a strong soccer community filled with passion, fundamental skill development, and tactical knowledge.

Loomis Youth Soccer Club is a non-profit organization that provides a competitive experience for the committed soccer player. The LYSC Comp program offers our youth an opportunity to develop their individual soccer skills while working together as team.

We create an environment that provides players with a valuable learning experience, an opportunity to improve their soccer skills, and play competitive level soccer at an affordable cost. We support these principals by improving individual skills with trainers, committed coaches, and well structured practice sessions.  In addition, we play other clubs at the highest competitive, age appropriate, levels possible.  We teach the club's players to increase the tactical element of team play by using soccer as a vehicle to promote fair play, self confidence and good citizenship.

We achieve our goal of “Creating Community, Developing our Children, Playing Competitive Soccer” by cultivating an atmosphere of friendly competitive competition and learning. Our success is built upon the untiring efforts of numerous volunteers at every level of the Loomis Youth Soccer Club and is measured by how well we accomplish our objectives, not just by wins/loss records.