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Coach Information

  Coach Sign In Guide 124 KB10/1/2014

General Information

  LYSC Revised Bylaws (November 2012) 154 KB10/21/2012
  Heat and Unhealthy Air Policy 55 KB6/29/2016


  Capital Live Scan Form with instructions (REC SOCCER ONLY) 1 MB8/28/2015
  Cal North Coach and Team Admin Risk Form 187 KB8/11/2015

Competitive Soccer Program

  LYSC Comp Coach Application 159 KB12/12/2017


  2012 Spirit Wear Order Form 276 KB9/4/2012
  LYSC Sponsor Form 94 KB4/24/2017
  2015/6 LYSC Scholarship Application 60 KB2/25/2015

Referee Competitive Norcal

  NorCal Concussion Initiative and Protocols 128 KB8/10/2016
  NorCal Heading Policy 77 KB8/10/2016
  Norcal Ref Reports Instructions 78 KB8/10/2016
  NorCal Section 1.4 Game Details 87 KB10/18/2016

Rules and Laws

  PYSL Recreational modified Laws 2017 179 KB7/25/2017
  IFAB Laws of the Game Changes 2016 794 KB8/17/2016
  IFAB Rules of the Game May 2016 8 MB8/17/2016
  NorCalPL Handbook 2016-7 1 MB10/18/2016
  US Soccer Player Development Initiative 428 KB7/27/2017

Referee Rec Cal North D6 (PYSL)

  Cal North Zero Tolerance Policy 202 KB8/26/2016
  Cal North Ref per game U14 and Below 139 KB8/26/2016
  Cal North D6 Concussion Protocol 52 KB8/10/2016
  CAL NORTH D6 Concussion Policy 34 KB8/10/2016
  Diagonal System of Patrol for Referee's 119 KB8/10/2016
  Cal North Send-Off Report with Concussion 144 KB8/26/2016
  Cal North League Playing Rules and Send-Offs 223 KB8/10/2016