Comp Game Schedule

This page will help you understand the process of scheduling comp games under NorCal.  This is a very complex process, so please try to be flexible.


The first step in the process is NorCal will release the event schedule.  If you are registered for an event you will receive an email with a link to the event calendar.  This will show the dates and teams, but no fields or times.

Next, each club will schedule their home games based on field availability. The link below shows the draft home game schedule.  If the table is blank, then that just means the schedule has not yet been started, or it’s in final form.

Draft Home Game Schedule

If something in the draft home game schedule absolutely does not work for you, contact to see if an alternative can be found.


Once the games are entered into GotSoccer, a final home game schedule will be created, which you can view at the link below.  If this is blank, that means a final schedule has not yet been created.

Final Home Game Schedule


If you need to change or cancel a game after the final schedule is released, you must first find an open time slot by reviewing the game field schedule below, or find another coach willing to trade times with you. Game change requests must be made at least 7 days prior to the desired reschedule date.

Comp Game Field Schedule

On the weekends, please try to request a time slot that is adjacent to another game because it is very difficult to find a referee for a single game. 

In addition, games can be scheduled mid-week at a time that is reserved for practices, we can bump the practices to host your game.

Game change requests must be received at least 4 days before the scheduled game or the team may be required to pay for the referees.

Moving a game up from a later date to an earlier date is often not possible due to the way referees are assigned.  It is much easier to move a game back to a later date.

Once you are ready to request a new date/time for your game, complete the request form below.

Comp Game Change Request

Once your request has been approved, the Scheduler will update GotSoccer and email you confirmation.  If the change is not approved, the Scheduler will contact you via email to discuss other options.


It is highly recommended that you verify all of your games at least a week before they are scheduled.  This requires you to confirm what is shown in your GotSoccer account matches the referee schedule below.  If something doesn’t match up, contact immediately or you won’t have referees at your game.

CNRA Referee Schedule

Any other questions, please contact