Comp Soccer Tryouts


Thank you for your interest in the Loomis SC Competitive Soccer Program. Registration for Competitive Soccer Tryouts is open now. Click this link to register  See below for our tryout schedule and for more information.

Competitive Soccer Tryout Schedule

FieldDateTimeBirth YearAge GroupBoy / GirlTeam(s)Coach(es)
Franklin Elementary5/13 – 5/154p – 5p2016U9BoyBlack / GoldB. Rickards / M. Moore
Franklin Elementary5/13 – 5/154p – 5p2016U9GirlGolden Girls / StingersX. Holcomb / S. Metzgar
Franklin Elementary5/13 – 5/155p – 6p2015U10BoyRangers / RaptorsM. Davis / J. Mendoza
Franklin Elementary5/13 – 5/155p – 6p2015U10GirlFirebirdsY. Masato
Franklin Elementary5/13 – 5/156p – 7p2014U11BoyBlack / Goldtbd
Franklin Elementary5/13 – 5/156p – 7p2014U11GirlForce / InfernoJ. Gauger / E. Peterson
Del Oro – Stadium5/13 – 5/157p – 8p2013U12BoyLegends / PredatorsB. Rickards / M. Vester
Del Oro – Stadium5/13 – 5/157p – 8p2013U12GirlLightning / LegendsD. Wills / T. Geertsen
Del Oro – Stadium5/13 – 5/157p – 8p2012U13BoyStrikersM. Imrie
Del Oro – Stadium5/13 – 5/157p – 8p2012U13GirlPride / WildfireJ. Meyer / N. King
Del Oro – Stadium5/13 – 5/158p – 9p2011U14BoysRebels / HammersJ. Riley / M. Davis
Del Oro – Grass5/20-5/226p – 7p2008U17GirlFusionJ. Perez
Del Oro – Grass5/20-5/227p – 8p2008U17BoyGunnersJ. Riley
Del Oro – Grass5/20-5/228p – 9p2007U18BoyVelocityE. Thomas
  • Please go to the Comp Soccer Page for more details, updates, information regarding our comp soccer program.
  • If you have any questions about competitive soccer or the tryout process, please reach out to David Wills, Director of Coaching  @
  • Please see the chart below for specific tryout times, dates and locations (TBD).

For U8 players (2017 birth year), please refer to our U8 Academy Program.

Players that are moving up from Loomis SC recreational soccer, or have recently moved to the Loomis area may have an opportunity to practice with the team in your age group prior to tryouts. Please see our Rec to Comp program for further details on this opportunity.