Welcome to the Loomis Youth Soccer Club Team!

The main role of a Team Manager is to help the team run smoothly by managing logistics.

Thank you for your commitment, time, and energy to help keep our league continue as a volunteer-based organization.

If you have any questions, contact Wei (“way”) through email at Weidyne.Chau@gmail.com or cell phone at 909-908-1774.

Basic Information for Team Managers

Please refer to the Recreational tab above for updated dates.

Here are some important dates for the season:

  1. Play Times
    1. First Game
    2. Bye Game
    3. Final Game
  2. Jamboree
  3. Homecoming Parade
  4. Team sponsor form due date
  5. Pictures

The head coach is responsible for the conduct on the field for the athlete, the assistant coaches and the parent supporters. If anyone including the parents are not acting in a responsible way, the game can be halted while the offending individual or group are sent off the field. All parents are to set a good example of sportsmanship, protect the game and all the components of it, including the players, coaches, and referees. This will include our zero tolerance policy toward referees.

As a team parent, kindly remind our parents our children are playing other children and officiated by children.

LYSC is active on Facebook and Instagram and we would LOVE to hear from your team! Our volunteer-based league is streamlining the process by asking that only coaches and team managers submit content to the Facebook and Instagram administrator.

The league would greatly appreciate it if you would encourage your parents to forward you any pictures they would like to submit to our page.

The introduction email will introduce you to the parents of the team as well as

  • Provide important season dates
  • Advise parents on uniforms
  • Collect Nicknames
  • Collect allergy information
  • Collect quantity of siblings (snack and end of season party planning)
  • Request sponsors or leads on sponsors
  • This is also a good time to poll parents on trophy vs shirt vs medal

Talk to your head coach to see how the both of you would like to run the season

  • Overall season costs. I recommend putting a budget together.
  • Jamboree booth idea
  • Banner
  • Team socks (custom?)
  • End of season party preferences
  • End of season awards/ gifts
  • Determine how the head coach would prefer to communicate (Sports app, email, text) and divide team communication responsibilities

Determine how many of the team parent responsibilities you wish to complete personally.  Some team parents delegate some or all of the below responsibilities to the other parents. 

I recommend creating a tentative budget and collecting early (banner, awards, gifts, end of season party).  I have found that collecting from parents is most successful before the first game starts.  If your team has a sponsor, you can use those funds to offset party costs.

A Team Banner will be one of your first responsibilities.  It should be ready in time for both your first game and picture day.  You may choose any size you wish.  Generally, 3×4 ft with PVC pipe works well.  Banners can be homemade or professionally printed.

Customarily, the entire team wears the same color socks.  The Soccer Pro Uniform kit comes with black socks.  It is completely fine if your team chooses to wear black socks.  The choice of socks is up to each team and the options are limitless (uniform kit socks vs colored socks from a box store to custom socks with logos)

If you choose custom socks, make sure to check on expected delivery and buffer time for delays.

Uniforms will be available for purchase online or in person from

Soccer Pro
11726 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks, CA 95628
(916) 962-0880

The head coach of each team will be signing up for the date/ time of the pictures.  Your head coach will be communicating to you/ the team with details once it is are solidified.

See the Loomis SC Sponsor page for details: https://lysc.net/team-sponsors/

Snacks are usually set up for the younger aged teams.  The snack schedule should be sent to parents shortly after the game schedule is posted.

If a snack schedule be established, let the parents know of the expectation.  In the past, there has been a healthy snack at half time and a drink & fun snack after the game. 

I recommend reminding the parent of (1) allergies (2) number of players on your team and (3) to consider if they want to include siblings.

There will most likely be more players than games, I generally leave the coaches out, unless they like being on the snack schedule. 

Whether you choose to have Awards/ Trophies is up to each team.  This is another arena where the options are limitless from trophies to shirts to keychains or certificates.

I recommend budgeting this item early and level setting with your head coach. 

Our referee coordinator is working hard to make sure we have a ref at every game.  However, if we run into a shortage, it is a good idea to ask 1-3 parents if they are willing to step up and assist in those last-minute scenarios.

There are many options for an end of season party.  I recommend discussing this early as arriving at a convenient date for everyone can be difficult.  The traditional party places, pizza parlors, etc., book up early for these dates.